Network Monitoring

Protection from the threats that face technology today is a must in the business world. Lack of awareness of lingering problems with computers, whether a deteriorating hard drive in a server, infectious network virus, or failing backup, can bring your business operations to a standstill.

Discover the benefits of network monitoring, a key element of our BizGuard Managed IT Services.  Providing continuous protection is vital to your business systems. Our 24/7 network monitoring covers your critical IT systems, giving immediate alerts for any potential issue.

Network monitoring combined with regular on-site visits, help desk services and support, have helped many of our business customers identify and eliminate IT problems that, if left untreated, could have damaged their ability to operate. Monitoring ensures all aspects of your IT infrastructure are secure and performing optimally.

IT Security

As part of the network monitoring, we address many aspects of IT security such as Windows & 3rd Party security patches, anti-virus updates, online backups and vulnerability checks. Vulnerabilities remain among the most disruptive and damaging types of problems experienced in real-world networks, causing lost time and potentially, security breaches.  In addition, we monitor indicators and counters to determine the status of your network, servers, workstations and applications as well as hacker checks.

IT Performance

Our monitoring services also include CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Hard Disk Activity & Network Bandwidth.

Business Software Application Health

Ensure your applications perform well every day with our business software application health monitoring.

Inventory / Asset Tracking

Keep track of licenses, personal computers and devices, file servers and more.


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Network monitoring is included in our BizGuard™ Managed IT Services.