IT Consulting

IT Consulting

A solo approach to technology management can leave you feeling lost.
Rely on our expert IT consulting team to create your clear path to success.

Vendor Management

 We talk the talk so you don’t have to. Properly managed vendors lead to a huge cost savings for your business, as well as increased efficiencies.

IT Project Management

We manage IT projects to insure that they are done professionally and on schedule.

Computer Networking

We provide technical expertise for all aspects of network analysis & design, network security, and managed IT services.

Our IT consulting team manages a wide range of IT projects to ensure that they are done professionally and on schedule.

Our project management experience covers all aspects of technology.

  • Develop project plans and schedules for analysis, design, and project completion/implementation.
  • Continually monitor progress of milestones and deadlines to ensure you stay on track.
  • Use our technical expertise to review work throughout the project and to identify and resolve any issues that arise.
  • Facilitate communication between all involved in the project.
  • Lead the process of requirements definition and devise means of achieving desired end results.
  • Monitor financial management, administration, and planning performance.
  • Coordinate meetings, handle reporting requirements, scope changes, and financial, administrative, and technical issues and concerns raised by those involved in the project.
IT Consulting in Maine

Our Expert IT Consulting Team

No matter where your company is located in Maine or surrounding areas, we establish a professional team to help with your IT needs within 48 hours. Our teams are always on high alert, so your potential problems are solved with expert precision. Our employees are constantly educated to be up to date with current technology trends.