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Risky (Email) Business: The Dangers Lurking in your Inbox

As we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, we also find ourselves wading through an increase of email messages in our inbox. Retailers work feverishly to stand out among a sea of others, all vying for our holiday dollars. Colleagues seek to wrap up those end of year projects before vacation and friends & family send Continue Reading


Circle with Disney: Successfully Manage Your Kids & Technology

A few weeks ago I saw a Facebook video advertisement for Circle with Disney. With kids ages 12, 14 & 15, it sounded like just what my family needed at home to help us better manage technology usage. As parents, we have always set limits and parameters for our kids.  For some reason lately, these rules seemed harder Continue Reading

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Scam Of The Week: Tech Support Via Social Media

Reposted from Knowbe4 Proofpoint just blogged about the risks of (mis)using social media for technical support purposes. It’s a simple, brilliant scheme. The bad guys set up a fake PayPal Support page on Twitter, and then monitor the real PayPal Support page on Twitter for potential marks. When users experiencing problems with PayPal hit the Continue Reading

BTS Co-hosts Wiscasset Chamber Event

BTS Co-hosts Wiscasset Chamber Event

The next Wiscasset Area Chamber After Hours will be held September 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 at the Lincoln County Regional Planning office, 297 Bath Road, across from Big Al’s. The event, co-hosted by Burgess Technology Services will offer sweet and savory treats along with cold beverages and cider to welcome the changing season. Attendees Continue Reading


Don’t Fall Prey to Tech Support Scams

Scams Get Technical Scams aren’t anything new, but they sure have changed over time. With the advent of the internet and technology, scammers are using new avenues to take advantage of trusting and unsuspecting consumers and businesses alike. In particular, tech support scams have increased over the past few years, with millions being lost. Tech Continue Reading

Comcast Survey Scam

Comcast Survey Scam

My wife works as a local web designer. Her computer is set up to use dual monitors which allows her to have several browser windows and applications running at one time. One evening, as she was shutting everything down, she found a pop up window. Assuming that it had loaded after visiting an ad-heavy website, she knew it was Continue Reading

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Zepto: The Latest Computer Threat

The latest threat to your personal and business computers has arrived. Zepto is the latest form of ransomware that is wreaking havoc on computer systems far and wide. It’s similar to the CryptoLocker ransomeware we have seen in the past. How Zepto Arrives It arrives as an attachment in an email. Once a user double-clicks the attachment Continue Reading

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Data Center Benefits

At one point or another, every organization is faced with aging computer network software and equipment. We often work with businesses to evaluate the current IT infrastructure compared to the current and future needs of the company.  We ask questions such as: Is cloud technology currently being used for software applications, email, file storage or data Continue Reading

New Texting Scam to Watch Out For

New Texting Scam to Watch Out For

Do you use 2-factor authentication to log into your online accounts? There is a new texting scam to watch out for if you use 2-factor authentication.  2-factor authentication is when the account you are logging into sends you a text message with a code that you must enter along with your username and password to log Continue Reading