Don’t Let Your Business Be A Tech Horror Story!

Don’t Let Your Business Be A Tech Horror Story! (Implement Managed Backup & Recovery IT)

Halloween seemed like a good time to review some previous content related to the scary concept of losing your data! Imagine if you will, you lose all of your client contacts, your accounting files, your point-of-sale data or all of the above. How many days would your business be down? How much money would you lose on a daily basis? How would you ever fully recover?  Managed Backup is imperative for the safety and security of your business data and in turn, the survival and strength of your business. You also need to have a contingency plan in place for data and disaster recovery. Burgess Technology Services can help you with both of these. Click here for more information, or email

In the meantime, here’s our previously released podcast episode on Tech Horror Stories, to get you in the mood to protect your data, along with additional content from Team BTS, explaining the concepts behind Managed Backup and Recovery IT.

Podcast episodes:

IT Sucks Podcast: Tech Horror Stories!

Data Loss, Encryption and Disaster Recovery Part I

Data Loss, Encryption and Disaster Recovery Part II

Blog Post:

Data Loss, Encryption and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup

Disaster Recovery Is Part of Your Overall Business Network Plan

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Mike began as a Burgess network engineer in 1998. He later spent 3 years as Five County Credit Union’s Director of IT before returning as an owner in 2006. He lives in Bath with his wife and children and is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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