Security Awareness. Are You Leaving the Door Open for Cyber Criminals?

We can think of your business network as a house containing many valuables. The keys to your kingdom, really. It is prudent to have excellent locks, a camera system, an alarm system and other theft deterrents. But if you open the door for a criminal, there’s not much all those systems can do for you. That’s why cyber security awareness training is so important, especially with regard to safe email habits. When you click on an innocent-looking but unexpected link, open a well-disguised attachment or respond to a spear-phishing email, you are putting the welcome mat out for cyber criminals.

The Odds Are Not In Your Favor

While awareness has certainly increased, so have the myriad levels of threat. The number of email-based cyber attacks surged by 180% from 2022 to 2024, with over 90% of organizations reporting at least one email-related security incident during that period. Phishing attacks via email witnessed a significant uptick, accounting for 70% of all reported email security incidents in 2023, marking a 25% increase from the prior year. Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks targeting corporate email accounts rose by 200% in the last two years, with cyber criminals increasingly impersonating executives and requesting fraudulent payments or sensitive information. Email spoofing techniques became more sophisticated, with a 150% increase in the use of advanced spoofing methods to impersonate trusted senders and bypass email security filters.

Pertinent Training, Practical Tests

It is imperative that your team be equipped to recognize and eliminate cyber attacks before they invade your network. A successful security awareness training system includes both education and practical testing. Training videos, interactive programs and quizzes focused on assessing and encouraging information retention are all key pieces of the puzzle. It’s important to then follow up with real-world tests, which are ideal for prepping your staff to spot and avoid potential cyber traps. These tests include a series of automated mock phishing emails with the goal of identifying when employees “take the bait”, click on a link, or enter credentials. Reports on these results are sent to management, and further training in the relevant area is assigned.

Security Awareness Results

BTS works with a prominent Security Awareness Training partner who brings proven training, effective testing and clear results. In a recent study of client training campaigns, the overall phish-prone percentage significantly dropped from a concerning average of 15.9% to an incredible 1.2%…in just 12 months! A clear indication that the innovative combination of web-based training and frequent simulated phishing attacks is effective. We’re very proud of this program and our ability to support our clients in empowering their employees to meet cyber-attacks head-on.

Reach out to Team BTS, or call 207-443-9554 to learn more about how security awareness training can protect your vital business network. Leave the welcome mat out for your customers, not cyber criminals.


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