Considering An Email Protection Platform For Your Business

Email attacks are becoming increasingly complex, with many designed to target users and bypass email security gateways. You need to stay ahead of cyber criminals to protect your business and data.  Our email protection platform provides the most comprehensive protection against all 13 email threat types, from spam and ransomware to socially engineered threats such as spearphishing, business email compromise and account takeover. Don’t leave any gaps in your email protection.

Facts to consider:

95% of phishing attacks arrive by email.(3% via malicious websites, 1% via phones)
94% of malware is delivered by email.

Of organizations who have been successfully attacked:

  • 60% of organizations lost data
  • 52% of organizations had credentials or accounts compromised
  • 47% of organizations were infected with ransomware
  • 29% of organizations were infected with malware
  • 18% of organizations experienced financial losses

It is important to secure your business with the power of complete email protection using the following strategies.

Prevent email attacks from getting through by combining email gateway, inbox defense, and security awareness training.

Identify suspicious activity and email threats already inside your email environment before they can cause damage.

Limit the impact of any threats that reach users with automated response and fast recovery tools. Back up your important Microsoft 365 email and data to recover easily from malware attacks or lost data.

For more information on how you can most efficiently protect you  business from email-related attacks, schedule a conversation with one of  our account managers via or calling 207-443-9554.

Mike Dorr, President

Mike began as a Burgess network engineer in 1998. He later spent 3 years as Five County Credit Union’s Director of IT before returning as an owner in 2006. He lives in Bath with his wife and children and is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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