What EDR Means For Your Business’ Security


What is EDR?
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), is an endpoint security solution which continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to cyber threats, including ransomware and malware.

This solution:
• Records and stores endpoint-system-level behaviors
• Uses various data analytics techniques to detect suspicious system behavior
• Provides contextual information
• Blocks malicious activity
• Provides remediation suggestions to restore affected systems

EDR security solutions record the activities and events taking place on endpoint devices, providing security teams with the visibility they need to uncover incidents that would otherwise remain invisible. EDR needs to provide comprehensive visibility into what is happening on endpoints in real time.

An EDR tool offers advanced threat detection, investigation and response capabilities — including incident data search and alert triage, suspicious activity confirmation, threat hunting, and malicious activity detection and containment.

What Should You Look for in an EDR Solution?

Endpoint Visibility
Real-time visibility across all endpoints allows you to view attacker activities, even as they attempt to breach your environment, and stop them immediately.

Threat Database
Effective EDR requires extensive amounts of data collected from endpoints and enriched with context so it can be mined for signs of attack with a variety of analysis.

Behavioral Protection
Relying solely on signature-based methods or indicators of compromise (IOCs) lead to the “silent failure” that allows data breaches to occur. Effective endpoint detection and response requires behavioral approaches that search for indicators of attack, so you are alerted of suspect activities before a compromise can occur.

Insight and Intelligence
Endpoint detection and response integrates threat intelligence, and can provide context, including details on the adversary that is attacking you or other information about the attack.

Fast Response
EDR enables a fast and accurate response to incidents, and can stop an attack before it becomes a breach, which allows your organization to get back to business quickly.

Cloud-based Solution
Having a cloud-based EDR solution is the only way to ensure zero impact on endpoints, while making sure capabilities such as search, analysis and investigation can be done effectively in real time.

To learn more about how Endpoint Detection and Response can serve and protect your business, we encourage you to have a chat with one of our account managers. Email or call 207-443-9554.

Matt Rice, CTO

Matt is a graduate of Central Maine Technical College. He has been with Burgess since 2001, acting as Service Manager, then General Manager, before becoming an owner. Matt focuses on developing and delivering technologies that fit best with customer needs.

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