How Artificial Intelligence Can Protect Your Network in Real Time

Everyone is a target for today’s most sophisticated threats. Companies, regardless of size, are vulnerable, and it is imperative to take precautions before it is too late.

A recommended solution combines powerful layers of artificial intelligence and domain fraud visibility into a comprehensive cloud-based solution that guards against spear phishing, impersonation attempts, business email compromise, and cyber fraud. With it, you can protect your business from these personalized attacks in real time, with zero impact on network performance.

Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense
An AI engine detects and blocks spear phishing attacks in real time and identifies the employees inside an organization who are at the highest risk of spear phishing. It uses artificial intelligence to learn unique user communication patterns and identifies anomalies in metadata and content. The protocol leverages this messaging intelligence to determine whether a certain email is part of a spear phishing attack, then quarantines attacks in real time and alerts the user.

Domain Fraud Visibility and Protection
This solution protects your business from domain spoofing and brand hijacking. DMARC is a protocol that allows your IT support team to monitor emails sent from your domain. Once DMARC is properly configured,  it offers granular visibility and analysis to help ensure delivery of legitimate email traffic and prevention of unauthorized activity such as spoofed emails.

Protection Against Account Takeover and Insider Risk
A comprehensive solution to account takeover includes three components: prevention, detection, and remediation. It prevents targeted phishing attacks that bypass standard email gateways, which can lead to harvesting of credentials. If an account has been compromised, it detects abnormal behavior and alerts your IT provider. Ultimately, it can remediate the attack by removing all malicious emails sent by the compromised account from within employee mailboxes with one click.

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